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Raising Arrows - Large Family Homeschooling

Oct 2, 2017

When you homeschool, it is imperative you have some sense of order to your day because the flow and productivity of your day is entirely up to you.  However, having a well-ordered day isn't about a tight schedule and huge to-do lists.  It's more about structure and margin.

In this episode:

  • Learn how to begin ordering your day.
  • Learn how to make meals, school, and personal time more productive.
  • Learn how to put things in their proper order.
  • Learn how to plan for interruptions that don't derail your entire day.

Resources mentioned:

Home Management for the Homeschool
available in audio, paperback, ebook, and Kindle

Loop Scheduling

Tapestry of Grace

PictureSmart Bible

Mommy Morning Routine Podcast

Meal Planning Podcast

How Many Hours to Homeschool Podcast