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Raising Arrows - Large Family Homeschooling

Sep 17, 2019

Are you worn out and needing a break, but don't know how to get more margin in your homeschool day?  Have you ever felt guilty for using workbooks in your homeschool?  Do you wish you could ditch the workbooks, but you just can't figure out what you would do instead?  This podcast will help you use workbooks to your advantage without making your homeschool dry and boring!

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Helpful Timestamps:

1:46 - What happened when I tried to completely ditch workbooks in our homeschool.

4:04 - The benefit of delegating your homeschool subjects to workbooks.

4:48 - What beautiful homeschooling memories are truly made of.

6:27 - Why workbooks aren't just for the subjects we detest teaching.

8:07 - How workbooks can help you homeschool through hardships.

8:39 - Addressing the "guilt" of using workbooks.

11:32 - Subjects that easily lend themselves to workbooks + my personal workbook choices!

13:02 - How to make workbooks fun!

14:04 - Why you don't have to do all the problems in a workbook.

16:13 - Math manipulative ideas.

17:40 - How to supplement workbooks without adding to your workload.

20:22 - Where to put workbooks in your homeschool schedule.